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Autumn Term 2 2019 Curriculum Map

Wonderful World- Continents and Oceans



Can you name the parts of the human body and explain their functions?

Can you describe the structure of common animals, including some parts of the body that are specific to animals?

Can you sort animals using Venn diagrams based on their diet?

Can you name the five main groups of animals and give examples of each one?

 Geography Can you identify and label the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world?

Can you use an atlas to locate the 7 continents and 5 oceans?

Can you use an atlas to find the countries of the world?

Can you use and follow simple compass directions?

Can you follow routes on a map?

Can you use aerial photographs and satellites to recognise human and physical features?

Can you compare and contrast the habitat, animals and climate of the different continents of the world?

Can you identify the hot and cold parts of the world?  

History Geography focus this term.  


Can you explore Aboriginal Art and create your own?

Can you explore African art and create your own?

DT Can you design, make and evaluate your own house using junk modelling?

Can you bake some bread using a 17th century recipe?

Music Can you compose a piece of music inspired by the continents?  

Can you use untuned instruments to represent the oceans?

PE This term’s PE will be multi-skills.
PSHCE This term the children are continuing to follow the North Yorkshire syllabus and their topic this term is Families and Relationships.
RE The children are following the North Yorkshire syllabus and their topic is Advent and Christmas.
Computing The class 1 computing topic is habitats.