Autumn Term 2018

Dear Parents and Carers

Here is an overview of the exciting themes and topics to be covered this Autumn Term. As we welcome our new Year 3 children to our classroom in the afternoons, we are going to build on their knowledge in a previous topic of castles. Therefore, our main theme of history will cover the Norman Invasion. Our learning across the curriculum will be linked to our topic where appropriate. A topic homework grid will be sent out shortly and will be available online. We look forward to your children’s ever-inspiring homework enhancing our classroom soon! Thank you in advance for the help you provide with this.

Writing to inform and/or amuse
Fact files
Writing a diary entry as a figure from history
Seasonal poetry
Playscripts (reading)
Following National Curriculum Programme of Study, to include revision and expanding on place value, calculating counting in steps of 10 – 10-100, 000; using and applying all 4 operations of +,-, x and ÷ in ‘real-life- reasoning and problem solving about maths.
The Normans – Who were they? Where did they come from and why did they invade England? How can we recognise Norman castles and churches?
The Gun Powder Plot
Autumn inspiration – changing colours and textures/Fireworks
Wider Opportunities Provision – Friday pm – learning to play an instrument
PSHCE and Citizenship
New Beginnings, Settling in., Firework Safety Code. Anti-Bullying Week 12-16th November 2018
What would it be like without it for a day?
Safety, circuits, conductors.
Harvest, Advent and Christmas
Moi! Les Couleurs. Sequencing language, imperatives
Invasion games – football, tag rugby, dance