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Class 2 Autumn Term Curriculum Map 2019

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome back! We also welcome our Year 3 children into Class 2 in the main building each afternoon. Here is an overview of the exciting themes and topics to be covered this Autumn Term. We will be building on children’s prior knowledge of the Stone Age, including a visit to our friends at Melsonby for a Stone Age Day. Our learning across the curriculum will be linked to our topic where appropriate. A topic homework grid is attached and will be available online. We look forward to your children’s ever-inspiring homework enhancing our classroom soon! Thank you in advance for the help you provide with this.
C Sayer, KS2


Writing to inform


Fact files


Writing a diary entry – One Day in July/August


Stone Age story writing – plot, structure, character profiles, atmospheric description through senses and emotions

Seasonal poetry

Playscripts (reading)


Following National Curriculum Programme of Study, to include revision and expanding on place value, rounding and estimating, calculating and counting in steps of regular size, negative numbers, Roman Numerals (Y4/5), using and applying all 4 operations of +,-, x and ÷ in ‘real-life- reasoning and problem solving about maths.


The Stone Age – What was it like to live in the Stone Age?  Why and When did it end?



Last Days of Summer – Van Gogh and Autumn inspiration (still life from children’s planting/growing of seeds from summer term topic)

Music – woodwind and brass

PSHCE and British Values

New Beginnings, Settling in., Democracy – election of new School Council Members. Who/What is MacMillan? Remembrance. Children in Need Why do we support and/or acknowledge these events? Firework Safety Code. Anti-Bullying Week, November 2019


Coding, Our technological world.  What would happen if….? Cyber Safety


Magnetism – building on last year’s work on Forces.  Are all metals magnetic? What makes something magnetic?  Can we make a magnet?


What is it like to be a Hindu in Britain today? Harvest, Advent and Christmas


Quel temps fait-il? Les chansons.


Invasion games – football, tag rugby,