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Federation Governing Body meets for first time

Parents and friends of our great village school will no doubt be pleased to know that the new Federation full Governing Body met for the first time on the 20th May. It was a very successful meeting and marks the start of a new, exciting and significant shift in the life and development of learning in North and South Cowton and Melsonby.

Mr Watson is leaving us at the end of December and Governors have started the process of recruiting a new Executive Head to drive forward the future progress of our pupils, your children. We will keep you informed as we get on with this vital task, with an appointment likely some time during the Autumn Term.

Your Governing Body will have several important developments to work on in the coming months and years but you can be assured that we will always have in mind that the boys and girls in our care deserve and will get the very finest education we can deliver. We will never be satisfied with second best!

The Governing Body of

The Federation of North South Cowton CP School and Melsonby Methodist Primary School

Stuart Priestley

Chair of Governors

Charlotte Noone

Parent Governor

Malcolm Cundick

Foundation Governor

Katharine Millar


Phil Martin

Parent Governor

Sue Sleightholme

Foundation Governor

Trevor Watson

Executive Headteacher

Debbie Cheesbrough

Staff Governor


Co-opted Governor

Chinese Day at Melsonby - Comments from NSC children

My favourite activity was Chinese culture. We scribed Chinese symbols. We did them with black paint and a wedge – shape paint brush.
By Ben Phillips Y4
Tai chi was the best thing because it made you look stronger.
Lucas Trenholm Y4
One of my favourite activities at Melsonby was Chinese ribbon dancing because we got to perform our dances. I also enjoyed Tai Chi and Kung Fu because Tai Chi was very gentle and slow and Kung Fu was very sharp and fierce.
By Freya Wilford Y4
On Monday 11th February 2019 the whole school went to Melsonby for a Chinese Day. We learned a small amount of Tai Chi and Kung Fu (it was really fun;!). We also worked towards a ribbon dance performance. Next we did a fair amount of writing in Chinese after that we made Chinese lanterns.
By Florence Phillips Y6
My favourite activity that we did on Chinese day at Melsonby school on Monday 11th February 2019 was ribbon dancing and Tai Chi. Tai Chi was making shapes of the Chinese animals, through dance and I enjoyed that. Ribbon dancing meant swirling the ribbon and moving our bodies at the
same time, which made me full of delight, and I loved performing it with my friends.
By Felicity Thompson Y4
On Chinese day we did Tai Chi, Kung Fu, ribbon dancing, crafts and Chinese writing. My personal favourite was Chinese ribbon dancing because it made me feel free.
By Isabella Thompson Y4
My favourite activity at Melsonby School was Tai Chi because it was calm, relaxing and it was interesting. Also I was competent at it.
Ryan Harding Year 6
On Chinese day we took part in Tai Chi, Kung Fu, ribbon dancing, crafts and Chinese writing. My favourite thing was Tai Chi because it was relaxing.
Hannah Smith Year 5
On Chinese year day, my favourite activity was Kung Fu. Because it made me feel comfortable and it was fun. We also did: Chinese ribbon dancing, Chinese culture and we even made a Chinese lantern. I found out I was a rat in the Chinese calendar.
By Isaac Tate Y5
On the 11th of February 2019, the whole of North and South Cowton Primary School travelled to Melsonby School to have a joint Chinese Day with them. There was Chinese ribbon dancing, Chinese Tai Chi and Kung Fu, Chinese symbol, even Chinese lunch. But my favourite was the Chinese Lanterns; we were able to decorate them with glitter and a paper handle and also used perforated paper as fake flame which really stood out.
Matthew Brown Y6
On Chinese day I had learnt a lot and I extremely enjoyed myself. We did: Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese writing, Chinese ribbon dancing and some crafts. My personal favourite was the Chinese ribbon dancing because it made me feel relaxed. This took place outside.
By Alice Cowton Y5
My favourite activity on Chinese day at Melsonby School was definitely ribbon dancing as it was relaxing and the fluid movements blended the colours together into one.
By Nathan Booth Y6

Chinese Ribbon Dance Day

On Monday both our schools came together to celebrate Chinese New Year with a fantastic and fun-filled day of Chinese based tasks and activities.
The children thoroughly enjoyed Chinese Ribbon Dancing and gave a delightful performance to end the wonderful day. During the morning, we also had Tai Chi and Kung Fu classes that were expertly led by Mrs Sellers. In addition to all of this, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Smith Burrows were making super Chinese lanterns that now decorate our entrance hall.
At lunchtime, the children were given a Chinese themed lunch of chicken stir-fry with noodles and a Chinese Chew for dessert. That is not made up, it is a real thing. Thank you to Sarah, Melsonby’s Cook, for providing us all with this delicious meal.
During the afternoon, the children had more opportunities for Ribbon dancing and were taught about Chinese culture and counting.
Please see below some photographs of the day and some of the children’s comments. Thanks to all staff of both our schools, Jenny (Ribbon Dance teacher) and Mrs Sellers for making this yet another hugely successful collaborative event.

What the children thought
Wilf- ‘I enjoyed Kung-Fu’
Aiden- ‘Tai chi was the best’
Taylor- ‘I liked the Kung-Fu’
Leo- ‘I enjoyed ribbon dancing’
Toby- ‘I liked chicken and noodles’
Eva- ‘The ribbon dancing was my favourite’
Paige- ‘I liked the food at Melsonby’
Connell- ‘Ribbon dancing’
Harper- ‘I liked all of it best.’
Erin- ‘I loved the ribbon dancing.’
Connie- ‘I liked painting Chinese numbers.’
Isabella- ‘I enjoyed the food.’
Orla – ‘I liked the lunch at Melsonby.’
Sophia- ‘The ribbon dancing’
Rose- ‘I liked painting.’
Evan – ‘I liked all of it’
Mia- ‘The oranges’
Imogen- ‘Ribbon dancing.’

Friends Against Spam

Anyone interested in attending please get in touch with Chris Gibson directly using the contact details above.

Red Nose Day

We would like to join in the fun on Red Nose Day on Friday 15th March by having a non-uniform day and wearing something red. We are asking children to bring in a suggested donation of £1 for Comic Relief. Children can also bring some small change to buy juice and a cake/biscuit at break time. Any donations of biscuits/small cakes would be appreciated.


Remembrance Sunday

During the run up to Remembrance Day the children of Class 2 made poppies from plastic bottles, a very ingenious idea.  The children then decorated the War Memorial with their home-made poppies.  On Remembrance Sunday some of the children also laid wreaths during a service at the War Memorial.

PE Day at North and South Cowton

On Wednesday the 17th of October we had an absolutely fantastic day of PE, the children literally did not stop moving from 9.30 am to 3.00pm. Working collaboratively with Melsonby Methodist Primary School, the children took part in Skip2Bfit, football skills and relay races, Box2Bfit and then a selection of games designed to improve hand – eye coordination. Even at playtime and lunchtime the fun did not stop.

The day was helped by the lovely weather we enjoyed but more importantly through the commitment of all the staff who assisted. I would like to say a huge thankyou to the staff of North and South Cowton and Melsonby for their supervision of the children. We were also lucky enough to have Mike Layfield, Victoria Sellers and Dave Gibson (who ran the Skip and Box 2Bfit) leading all the sessions; many thanks to you for your help and expertise.

However, the real stars of the show were the children who thoroughly enjoyed themselves and absolutely loved working together, inter school friendships have been made! I have had many children asking me, when next can we all work together? We have separate whole school cycling days coming up in November and then a joint Archery Day in January. However, I’m sure we will work collaboratively before January.

On a final note Dave Gibson told me at the end of the day what well-mannered, happy and enthusiastic children we have and you would think they were all children from the same school in the way they all got along and worked together. Praise indeed.

Mr Watson