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Spring Term 2019 Curriculum Maps

Dear Parents and Carers

Happy New Year and welcome back to the Spring Term 2019.

Here is an overview of the exciting themes and topics to be covered between now and Easter. Our learning across the curriculum will be linked to our topic where appropriate. The attached topic homework grid will also be available online.  We look forward to your children’s ever-inspiring homework enhancing our classroom soon!  Thank you in advance for the help you provide with this.   


Writing – What effect do you want your writing to have on the reader?


Debating (one viewpoint)

Writing a balanced argument

Procedural reports



Figurative language

Spring poetry

Story writing

Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation: precise use of punctuation; differences in register/tone/audience; knowing the class of words and their function in a sentence.; spelling hints and rules  Additional SATS practice in Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Spelling in Year 6.


Following National Curriculum Programme of Study, to include revision and expanding on Number to include expanding on decimal fractions, (percentages, algebra, ratio Y6); expanding work on all fractions, decimals and percentages (Y5); expanding work on all fractions, decimals; time; money (Y4)

All children:  reasoning and problem solving about maths..  Additional SATS practice in Year 6


Sir Isaac Newton (17th/18th Century significant British figures in history); his life, investigations, work and his legacy (cross reference with Science)


Seasonal observations

Wider Opportunities Provision – Thurs pm Year 3/4 Forest Schools; Friday pm – learning to play an instrument.; Shakespeare Workshop (at North Cowton with Melsonby Pr. Sch); Chinese New Year

PSHCE and Citizenship

Resolutions, School Charter, Chinese New Year, British Values


Forces and Gravity

Can you feel the Force? Investigating forces, gravity, levers, pulleys, friction.  –  how these relate to everyday life


12th Night(Epiphany), Lent, Easter


Je fais les courses: shopping, asking for items from a menu or in a shop, Easter in France,  Sequencing language, imperatives


Invasion games – netball, rugby, team building skills


Homework Topics Spring 2019

Homework Notges and Dates Spring 2019