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Autumn Term 2019 Curriculum Maps – The Great Fire of London



Can you explain the changes in humans and animals at they grow?

Can you explain what humans and animals need to survive?

Can you describe the importance of a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle?



Can you make a simple map of historical London and label its features using symbols and a key?

Can you use a modern map and simple compass directions to find London?

Can you identify and name the four countries of the UK and their capital cities?



Can you use evidence to find out about the Great Fire of London and talk about its impact on the city?

Can you talk about events beyond living memory that are important in the UK?

Can you identify similarities and differences between life in the past and the present?



Can you explore images of St. Paul’s Cathedral and draw your own using charcoal?

Can you use clay to make a model of an important object from St. Paul’s Cathedral?

Can you compare paintings of fire by different artists?

Can you paint your own picture of the fire inspired by a famous artist?


Can you design, make and evaluate your own house using junk modelling?

Can you bake some bread using a 17th century recipe?


Can you learn traditional songs and chants connected with the Great Fire of London?

Can you work in a group to use un-tuned instruments to represent the fire?


This term’s PE will be multi-skills.


This term the children are continuing to follow the North Yorkshire syllabus and their topic this term is New Beginnings.


The children are following the North Yorkshire syllabus and their topic is Harvest.




The class 1 computing topic is ourselves.